Grafitec Rotulación

More than 20 years of experience in digital signage

At Grafitec Rotulación, we fuse a passion for design with more than two decades of experience in digital signage. Each project is a unique expression that represents the essence of our clients.

Our passion

Our goal is for each design to have personality and represent what each of our clients wants to convey. In each project the client has our commitment to their business, so we help them boost their sales.

We are a team of professionals that works every day to offer you the best quality in all work and the best service at a very competitive price.

Do you have a project in mind?

What we do

Specialized services

Our commitment is to transform your message into visual art. Discover how Grafitec's impactful signage can take your brand to the next level

Stunning designs


We understand the power of a well-designed sign. We transform spaces and attract customers through printing and signage solutions.

From decorative vinyl to illuminated signs, we offer the key to making your business stand out. 

Our competitive prices and personalized attention ensure that your message shines as bright as our illuminated signs.

Mobile, visual, impactful

Vehicle and fleet labeling

We transform your vehicles into ambassadors of your own brand. 

From passenger cars to industrial fleets, we offer partial or full vinyl lettering for all types of vehicles.

Shine with style

Luminous Signs

We raise the visibility of your business with illuminated signs designed to create an unforgettable visual impact.

Whether on the façade of your establishment or indoors, our illuminated signs, whether LED, neon or electronic screens, stand out for their quality and resistance to the passage of time.

Modeling ideas in materials


We make your ideas come true with the latest CNC machinery for milling and engraving.

Materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, and more are precisely molded to offer custom results. Our professional machining team guarantees quality in any shape and with a variety of materials.

From embossed corporeal letters, ideal for businesses, stores and celebrations, to personalized designs for your company logo. 

Your brand on each garment

Textile printing

We take textile printing to another level, designing and customizing a wide range of garments: t-shirts, sweatshirts, children's clothing, sports equipment, work clothing, bags, backpacks, and more.

We have the latest technology printing systems and ecological inks, offering the best prices on the market without compromising quality. 

They trust us...


14 reseñas en
Jose Angel (Vilero)
Jose Angel (Vilero)
11 Septiembre 2023
Muy profesionales,rápidos, eficaces y precios para todos los públicos.
Eduardo Baldoví
Eduardo Baldoví
10 Septiembre 2023
Siempre excelente trabajo con la máxima calidad.
Soraya Martinez
Soraya Martinez
10 Septiembre 2023
Muy profesionales!
Luis Galan
Luis Galan
17 Julio 2022
Isaac Sánchez
Isaac Sánchez
14 Mayo 2022
El trabajo realizado, el trato con el cliente, los precios, excelente resultado, muy recomendable
Aldo Ligori
Aldo Ligori
18 Marzo 2021
Professional on all aspects
Angel Rafael Coppola
Angel Rafael Coppola
29 Enero 2021
Como siempre un lujo la atención
Christian Cobo
Christian Cobo
9 Octubre 2020
Grandísimos profesionales, Agustín un fenómeno.